2022 3rd IYSF Academic Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering(IYSF-AICE 2022)
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Xinhong Hei, Professor

Xi'an University of Technology

Xinhong Hei, a male, born in 1976, is a doctor, professor and doctoral supervisor. Dr. Hei is the current Director of the Academic Affairs Office at Xi’an University of Technology. In 2008, Dr. Hei graduated with a Ph.D. in Information Science from Nihon University. He is a distinguished member of CCF, Executive Director of Shaanxi Computer Society as well as Shaanxi Computer Education Society. He is also the Executive Director of ACM Xi’an Chapter, Executive Member of CCF Xi’an Chapter, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Computer Professional Education Committee, Leader of Shaanxi Science and Technology Innovation Team, and Director of Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Network Computing and Security Technology.

In recent years, Dr. Hei has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial levels, such as the Joint Funds (key) and General Programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Funds for Returnees from the Ministry of Education, the project of Shaanxi Science and Technology Innovation Team Program, the project of Shaanxi Key R&D Program, and more than 30 R&D projects entrusted by China CNR or more.

In addition, he has won one Science and Technology Award (First Prize) from China Railway Society, two Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards (Second Prize), two Shaanxi Teaching Achievement Awards (Second Prize), three Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards in Higher Education (First Prize) and one Xi’an Science and Technology Award (Second Prize).


Youliang Tian, Professor

Guizhou University

Youliang Tian, a male, born in 1982, is a doctor and professor. He was selected as one of the national-level major talent projects, Guizhou provincial experts, Guizhou provincial 100-level innovative talents, Guizhou provincial top-notch talents, and Distinguished Professor of first-class disciplines at Guizhou University. He is the Head of the doctoral program in software engineering, academic leader of State Key Laboratory of Public Big Data, also serving as the Vice-Chairman of Executive Committee of ACM Chongqing Branch in China, member of Blockchain Special Committee of China Computer Federation, member of Security Protocol Special Committee of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, Vice Chairman of Southwest Forum for Youth of China Artificial Intelligence Society. He also serves as the Expert of Big Data Security Professional Committee of National Technical Standard Innovation Base (Guizhou Big Data), Expert of Blockchain Expert Committee of National Technical Standards Innovation Base (Guizhou Big Data), Member of Information Security Expert Group of Guiyang Secrecy Bureau, High-end Talent of Network Security Society of Guizhou Public Security Department, Deputy Secretary-General of Guizhou Computer Society, and the Editorial Board Member of Journal of Communication and Journal of Network and Information Security.

In recent years, Dr. Tian has undertaken more than 20 projects, including Key Programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), General Programs of NSFC, Ministry of Education-China Mobile Research Fund projects, major R&D projects of Guizhou Province, etc. He has published 50 high-level papers in IEEE Trans. and Science China Press, and applied for or authorized 20 national technical invention patents. Besides, he has won the Character Innovation Award of Big Data Artificial and Intelligence Blockchain Teaching in National Universities, Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award Second Class Award, and the Natural Science Second Class Award, and the Youth Science and Technology Award.


Yanping Chen, Professor

Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications

Yanping Chen, a female, born in 1979, is a doctor, professor and master supervisor. Dr. Chen is currently the Vice Dean of the School of Computer Science of Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications, and the leader of the Industrial Big Data Analysis and Intelligent Processing Innovation Team, a youth innovation team of Shaanxi universities. She is a postdoctoral Fellow of Control Science and Engineering Mobile Station, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and a Visiting Scholar of Iowa State University, USA.

In recent years, Dr. Chen has presided over and participated in more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial projects. She has published more than 50 research papers in important academic journals and famous international conferences at home and abroad. Her research interests include service computing, big data representation, data selection, and network management, etc. Now she is a senior member of the China Computer Federation (CCF), Chinese Institute of Electronics, and China Institute of Communications. She is also a member of the Network and Data Communication Committee of CCF, and a member of the Service Computing Committee of CCF.